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Mobilises new capital for systemic social and environmental change.

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Our Approach

The Purpose Capital Impact Fund is a collaboration between the New Zealand business, investment, and philanthropic sectors. Combining the power of the commercial with the expertise of the philanthropic, Purpose Capital brings new resources and capital to projects and organisations working toward social and environmental solutions.

Purpose Capital is driving social and environmental change and demonstrating a new way to make investment work. 

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Co-invest with Fund 1

Purpose Capital is a catalystattracting capital into impact investments. 

Fund 1 is closed, however co-investment opportunities do arise offering investors an opportunity to coinvest alongside the fund.

Fund 2 coming soon

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We are now accepting expressions of interest for Fund 2, anticipated to launch in 2024. 

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As New Zealand investors, we value our unique environment, our diversity of culture, and the principle of fairness.  Some of the other principles that contribute to our work include:

Integrity of Action

Systems Thinking

Openness to Learning

Belief in Equality


Challenge Areas

Affordable Housing, Environmental Degradation,
Climate Change and Inequality.


Asset Backed Impact Projects: Property, Primary Industries, Regenerative/Organic Horticulture & Agriculture, Employment and Training.

Impact Businesses: Growth stage, driving social and environmental innovation.


Using Fit for Purpose Financing

Equity: Preferred, convertible and revenue based financing.

Debt: Asset backed senior and subordinated loans.


Kaitāia Live – Lodestone Powers On NZ’s Largest Solar Farm

We are pleased to share that Lodestone Energy is generating power at its Kaitāia solar farm – marking a major milestone for utility-scale solar in New Zealand.   Purpose Capital led a $10M...

Purpose Capital invests in Innovative Refrigeration manufacturer, Cool Group

Largest investment to date Purpose Capital Impact Fund has made a $3m investment into Cool Group Ltd. Cool Group is a New Zealand-owned and operated company whose subsidiaries include: CoolSense NZ...

Purpose Capital Wins 2023 Best Impact Investment Fund Award 

Purpose Capital is the proud recipient of the 2023 Best Impact Investment Fund award – our second year in a row winning this award. The Mindful Money Awards celebrate the role that ethical and...

Purpose Capital Consortium invests $10M in Lodestone Energy

Lodestone Energy is pioneering, at a significant scale, utility-scale solar agri-voltaics in New Zealand. Upon completion, Lodestone’s solar electricity generated across its five farms will increase...

Purpose Capital Wins Best Impact Investment Fund Award

At the recent annual Mindful Money Awards in Auckland, the Purpose Capital Impact Fund won the 2022 Best Impact Investment Fund award. The Mindful Money Awards celebrate the role that ethical and...

Impact Investment Fund Tackles the Housing Crisis

Tauranga is set to receive a much-needed increase in supply of affordable, healthy, and well-located homes that put social and environmental needs at the forefront thanks to impact investment fund,...

The Degrowth Opportunity

In late 2021, Purpose Capital, Executive Director, Bill Murphy collaborated with Jennifer Wilkins to publish a tentative white paper, Investing In Degrowth. This paper received a great response and...

Air Pollution: A Far Deadlier Killer Than COVID-19? 

Fossil fuels pollute the earth – So what? It’s normal... Right?  Most of us understand that fossil fuels have a dramatic negative impact on the environment and are accelerators of climate change.  ...

Investing in Degrowth

Many of us now accept that humanity is operating in a way that is causing climate change, increasing inequality and a more precarious future for our children. That way of operating is called growth,...

Calling for Investable Climate Solutions!

You are implementing an important environmental or climate related solution. You are ready to expand and scale it to make a real difference as part of your existing or new business/project. But you...

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