Purpose Capital Impact Fund

Mobilises new capital for systemic social and environmental change.

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Our Approach

The Purpose Capital Impact Fund is a collaboration between the New Zealand business, investment, and philanthropic sectors. Combining the power of the commercial with the expertise of the philanthropic, Purpose Capital brings new resources and capital to projects and organisations working toward social and environmental solutions.

Fund Overview

The Fund is generating meaningful impact and financial returns in its regions and across New Zealand.

Fund Size


As New Zealand investors, we value our unique environment, our diversity of culture, and the principle of fairness.  Some of the other principles that contribute to our work include:

Integrity of Action

Systems Thinking

Openness to Learning

Belief in Equality

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Challenge Areas

Affordable Housing, Environmental Degradation,
Climate Change and Inequality.


Asset Backed Impact Projects: Property, Primary Industries, Regenerative/Organic Horticulture & Agriculture, Employment and Training.

Impact Businesses: Growth stage, driving social and environmental innovation.


Using Fit for Purpose Financing

Equity: Preferred, convertible and revenue based financing.

Debt: Asset backed senior and subordinated loans.


Major Investors

Our sincere gratitude to the following Major Investors.