“Anyone who believes that exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.” Kenneth Boulding, 1973

Or maybe an investor.

Why do we invest money? A simple question with an apparently simple answer – so the money makes us more money.

And how do investments do that?

Essentially by growing in value year after year.

In the short term that continues to be possible. But in the medium term – not so much – as the impacts on the environment of continued growth make living on earth increasingly difficult.

For the first time ever in human history we are going to have to voluntarily curb growth. So, will there be investment in this “new economy”? And if so what will it look like?

Some people are peering ahead and at least asking important questions – economists like Tim Jackson and Kate Raworth, journalist/activist Naomi Klein, environmentalist Paul Hawken, economic anthropologist Jason Hickel

Those questions are not just about money, investment and the economy. They are questions about what it means to be human, about true prosperity and if it’s even possible to adapt or replace capitalism if we are inherently selfish.

So, for those of you without the time or inclination to read their books I’ll share over a series of posts some of the questions and issues they are raising.

I hope you’ll find as I have, that confronting these issues gives you a bit more confidence and direction as we start to build this new world for our children and their children.

Prosperity Without Growth Tim Jackson

Doughnut Economics Kate Raworth

This Changes Everything Naomi Klein

Drawdown Paul Hawken


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