In late 2021, Purpose Capital, Executive Director, Bill Murphy collaborated with Jennifer Wilkins to publish a tentative white paper, Investing In Degrowth. This paper received a great response and showed there is genuine interest in degrowth within the business community.

Following on from this Jennifer Wilkins has published a new report, The Degrowth Opportunity. It introduces business practitioners to degrowth thinking and provides foresight into a world that could, in the near future, be in a state of flux, with growth and degrowth forces swirling simultaneously. It presents the degrowth imperative, explores the degrowth ideal, articulates degrowth as a resilience issue for business and discusses degrowth-compatible business attributes. It includes an illustrative ‘disorderly’ climate scenario with degrowth assumptions prepared by Stef Gray, a specialist in climate adaptation scenario analysis. Businesses are encouraged to imagine how they might reshape to flourish in a needs-satisfying, resource-wise economy to equip society to operate within social and environmental boundaries.

Purpose Capital is an impact investment fund whose mission is to drive social and environmental change. 

We believe the next steps to build upon the ideas presented in this whitepaper are to expand the dialogue within the sustainable investing community and to show how these ideas are even now being brought to life through degrowth-compatible companies and initiatives.

Your feedback and responses to this white paper can contribute to that discourse and we encourage you to get in touch.

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