Steve Tucker

Board of the General Partner

Steve Tucker is Executive Director of the Gallagher Group, a global leader in the innovation and marketing of animal management, security, fuel systems and contract manufacturing solutions. Steve’s background spans many fields –financial, commercial, management, and risk management, to name a few. Steve feels privileged to have 25 years with the Gallagher Group – and to have been a part of growing the company from 200 staff to over 1,000 worldwide. Steve values Gallagher’s commitment to giving back to the community and staff. He is on the Gallagher board of directors, as well as Methven, a publicly listed NZ company.
Originally from Wanganui and Auckland, Steve married the girl next door and they made Waikato home. Now three of their four children have left home and Steve is reflecting on what’s next and how he can contribute. With two children working in purposeful careers at not-for-profit organizations, he increasingly feels their influence. Steve is studying Te Reo Māori and believes the world is shifting. Increasingly, business stakeholders will place a greater value on equality, diversity, environmental sustainability, and corporate responsibility. A quote Steve likes is from Rumi: “Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”