Ian Greaves

Ian Greaves has been involved with the Kiwifruit industry for his extensive working career. He has been a director of Kiwifruit New Zealand, the industry regulator, an operator and director of post-harvest facilities and is also a kiwifruit grower. Among multiple other commitments, he has Chaired the Seeka Grower Council. In the dairy space, he has been an investor and Chair of a large-scale syndicated farm. Ian provides support and assistance wherever possible. As an Angel Investor with Enterprise Angels, he received the Angel of the Year Award in 2018.
From a long-term New Zealand family, Ian is committed to creating a sustainable environment and maintaining it for future generations. An avid gardener, Ian believes that living closer to nature helps us better understand the natural order. Becoming a Christian in his teens shaped his life. Serving and giving are what motivates him. Ian and his wife have invested financially, practically, and emotionally in the wellbeing of some of the poorest and most at-risk people in the world. He is Chair and Trustee of The Life Foundation Charitable Trust, which funds a children’s home and supports microenterprises in India. Ian is a Local Hero and received the President’s Award from Horticulture New Zealand for suicide prevention work. Ian believes that impact investing enables us, as New Zealanders and investors, to share the wealth, opportunity and intelligence that we have, which is part of our moral and ethical responsibility for the benefit of all. A saying that has stuck with Ian since university days is “Live simply so others can simply live.